Good Energy is Contagious

When women come together in a wForum circle, we hold a sacred space to listen and talk. We get to know each other, not on a surface level but where the soul lives. We gather to reflect and renew and recharge with the sweet medicine of laughter and companionship.

Today, many of us move so fast that we neglect our need for genuine connection and intimate conversation. It’s okay to need things from each other, like comfort and encouragement. It’s important to know you are not alone during difficult passages. Your struggles and questions are not a sign of weakness, they are the building blocks of your resilience. Turning to others teaches you to let love in.

There are many rewards from the companionship of a close and confidential women’s group. The love and support fills your cup so you can give to others. There is a sense of freedom among women who have no preconceived notions or expectations about you. In this sense, you can meet each other where you are, you can be yourself, and you can see yourself anew. Whatever you are going through, and we are all going through something, good energy lifts you up.

A strong emotionally supportive network of women strengthens you, making a lasting impression on your life. Give yourself the gift of a women’s community called wForum.