It’s true you know, that your best ideas and breakthrough moments occur when you make space for a little magic to fuel your creative soul.

At a Women’s Forum event, you can expect creative play, spirited conversation, and meaningful connection. You will learn something new, meet someone new, and see yourself anew. We promise you a welcoming environment and inspiring program.

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Upcoming Events

Summer Solstice Celebration June 25, 2019


Location: Waldorf School of the Roaring Fork in Carbondale CO

Date: June 27, 2019  5:30-9:00 pm 

to register, please email

Intuition is less about divining the future than entering more fully into the present.  While intuition is always available, it’s inoperative amidst the noise of distraction and stress. With a practice of conscious recognition, you attune with the life force. In that space, you can better access insight and  knowing. 

Join Adelaide Waters, Beth Hahn Shoemaker, and singer-songwriter Ellen Stapenhorst for a solstice celebration of Women's Intuitive Wisdom 

  • Discover the Four Portals on Intuition  
  • Fine Tune How You Receive and Interpret Messages
  • Follow the Metaphors to Observe Their Energy
  • Integrate Your Way of Knowing
  • Honor the Signals to Act with Clarity

 Register below for an evening of movement, art, song, reflection and ritual.  Come celebrate the light we can shine as a women’s community. Bringing a guest is encouraged!

Past Events

January 2019: Intuition, Metaphor and Messages with Libby Miller, Adelaide Waters, Beth Hahn, and Ellen Stapenhorst

A New Years celebration of Women’s Forum hosted by Seattle Chapter President Libby Miller.     Now in Year 2, Seattle has 7 wForum groups and 56 members!


June 2018: Women’s Words, Women’s Voices with Poet Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

Also known as Word Woman, Rosemerry captivated our imaginations with poetry as story and words as play. In celebration of the summer solstice, we honored the light of the longest day in a beautiful ritual.

Womens Words - Ribbons Womens Voices - Ribbon Arch

January 2018: Seattle Chapter Launch Party with Adelaide Waters, Colleen Cannon and Gina Sala
A celebration of the New Year and New Chapter, hosted by Chapter President Libby Miller.

Seattle Chapter - Women Holding Hands Launch Party - Women Holding Hands Up

September 2017: Book Launch Party, The Women’s Forum Handbook
Commemorating our book collaboration with author Adelaide Waters, designer Caelina Eldred and editor Laura Thielen (a mother-daughter team).

Book Launch - Three WomenWomen's Forum, Handbook


At a Women’s Forum event, you can expect spirited conversation, indulgent play and meaningful connection. We strive to keep event costs low and the fun factor high. Whether you learn something new, meet someone new, or bump into an old friend, we promise a welcoming environment and inspiring program.