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wForum is a membership organization with annual dues of $180 ($15/month). Membership dues sustain our organization so that we can grow a thriving women’s community, one small group at a time. No one receives a salary; every dollar is invested to increase the value of our member’s experience.

Your membership supports our non-profit organization in 5 important ways.

  • 32% New Groups – We organize and guide new wForum groups through the initial stage of development. We take pride in knowing every member personally to ensure a good fit. Our support for  group development helps members know what to expect and what is expected.
  • 23%Facilitator Training – We want to set groups up for success. The Facilitator Network connects facilitators from all chapters,  providing facilitation training and peer gatherings to reinforce skills in leadership and group dynamics.
  • 20% Program Development – Similar to a course in Women’s Studies, we provide learning guides, workshops, and community gatherings to supplement the educational experience of wForum on topics of relevance to women.
  • 17% Infrastructure – Administration of our website, newsletters and communication tools, and non-profit and business management.
  • 8% Scholarships – To underwrite our educational offer and ensure membership access to all eligible women.

Every woman deserves the benefits of a wForum group.

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