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Become a Member and enjoy the following benefits:

Practical support with an infrastructure to guide your women’s group.
Mentoring and training on facilitating a group process.
Tips and guidance for the stages of group development.
Conversation topics of relevance to women.
Retreats and workshops for fun and creative expression.
Leadership opportunities and chapter responsibilities.
Safety, warmth and a feeling of belonging.
Regular infusions of women’s wisdom.

“The trust that is built through confidentiality makes all the difference. I wish we could bottle it so that every relationship would feel as safe, compassionate, and important as my wForum relationships.”

D. Shepard

“I don't think any of us realized what we were creating when we first started meeting. Our wForum commitments create an incredibly strong network of trusted advisors.”

Jacqueline B.

Belonging to a circle of peers profoundly influences what you create in life.