Buy the Women’s Forum Handbook

The Women’s Forum Handbook captures the issues women care about – relationships, character, vocation, family, purpose - a host of practical and sacred matters. Rather than telling you what you already know or giving you answers, the Handbook invites you to reflect on your beliefs and lessons learned. As you reflect on your experience, you discover anew the depth of your wisdom.

With more than 40 topics and 200 questions for personal review and group discussion, the Women’s Forum Handbook brings your life experience into sharp focus. Working with the book, you explore your past, reflect on what is present today, and embrace the unfolding story of your life as you move forward.

  • As a workbook, the Handbook serves as an inventory of your strengths, beliefs, and choices. Over time, it becomes a record of your insights and flourishing.
  • As a course in women’s studies, the Handbook explores how feminine values, cultural norms, and individual experience shapes a woman’s consciousness.
  • As a guide for group process, the Handbook outlines the principles and practices for a healthy and dynamic group relationship at all stages of your group’s development.
  • As a platform for group discussion, the Handbook takes the conversation to a deeply personal level in which you feel more connected to and inspired by others.

The Women’s Forum Handbook provides years’ worth of learning material for groups that meet monthly. It’s value increases over time, mapping the journey you and your wForum take together.


“When I received my Handbook, I was surprised by how inviting it is. It's not like the typical drudgery of a workbook. The design and graphics are beautiful, the discussion topics are compelling and the questions draw me in. Month by month, as I’m writing my thoughts on these pages, the Handbook is becoming about me - my experience, my hopes and dreams, my truth and life lessons. It's my story in my words. - Barbara B., Aspen Chapter