Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the lives of women by building a supportive and caring learning community, one small group at a time. We take great care launching our groups for success, beginning with the selection of members to ensure a good fit and shared values. Like any relationship, wForum groups develop in stages. We provide on-going facilitation training and mentoring, practicing what we preach about women supporting women.

Who are our members? We are …

  • Strong women who know we don’t know everything.
  • Curious learners who use every opportunity available us to grow.
  • Busy, responsible women who juggle multiples roles at home and at work.
  • Generous friends who share our time and expertise.
  • Mothers and professionals who believe that civility, values and character matter more than ever.

Why Give to Women’s Forum?

Our members and donors give to wForum for many reasons, beginning with the evidence that investing in women is an effective way to influence widespread societal change.

Women shape the generations to come. When women find strength, support and inspiration in a women’s circle, we are better equipped to raise strong families and perform at work with dignity and purpose. Sisterhood is a rising and powerful force. wForum fulfills the need for community-healing and community-building.

Note the results of our 2017 Member Survey.

1. I have become a better listener. 95% agree
2. I have made progress toward my learning and creative goals. 96% agree
3. I am less critical of myself. 32% agree 65% somewhat agree
4. I feel ever more confident stepping outside my comfort zone. 86%
5. I have keener awareness of my impact and how I relate to others. 86% agree
6. I have learned good life lessons in my group. 98% agree
7. My wForum is a good sounding board for concerns and decisions. 94% agree
8. I have new respect and appreciation for women who are different from me. 100% agree

Nobody goes through life unscathed. Becoming part of a strong, emotionally supportive network of women makes a lasting impression on your life.

Please endorse our educational mission to improve the lives of women in local communities with your donation today.

Thank you for helping us serve and expand our women’s community.