A women’s circle is an ancient tradition kept alive by Women’s Forum


A women’s circle is a catalyst for a strong family, caring community, and altruistic world.


Our mission is to provide women a confidential and sacred space among peers who meet regularly for connection, inspiration, and growth.


Our focus is life-long learning and our values are curiosity, compassion, and community. A wForum circle is not superficial, political or competitive. It is a practice space for listening and learning, and a container for our womanhood and sisterhood.

Our Mission in Action

  1. We create confidential and supportive groups of 6-8 women who are at a similar stage of life.
  2. We guide each new peer group as it forms by providing facilitation for 3-4 months while the group gets established.
  3. We elevate the group conversation with dozens of discussion guides on topics of relevance to women in The Women’s Forum Handbook.
  4. We provide high quality, annual facilitator training, as members rotate through the role of facilitator year by year.
  5. We offer on-going guidance and idea exchange through the Facilitator Network, Women’s Forum newsletters, and related DIY resources.
  6. We sponsor new chapter development and support local leaders in launching a Women’s Forum community.
  7. We host annual community-wide events to offer potential members an opportunity to experience the gifts of Women’s Forum membership.

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Women’s Forum is a platform for authentic community and conversation. It’s not therapy and it’s not life coaching – it’s a safe space where you come to be a better listener, trusted partner, and wise counsel for other women who, like you, value community and connection.

Meetings are peer-facilitated with just enough structure to provide focus and direction. Our principles and practices ensure confidentiality, compassion, and connection. Group interaction gives you time and space to ponder the transitions life is presenting to you;  allowing you to reflect on what’s ending, what’s calling to you, and what’s next for you.  It is a privilege to witness each other’s life transitions and to advocate for each other, no matter our differences. Because everybody is going through something.

Whatever it is you are going through, in Women’s Forum, you are not alone. Giving yourself time for deep listening and soulful inquiry reminds you who you are. The energy of a group opens you to the energy of love, which is the one sure resource you need when you are going through something.

“My wForum is like having a superpower.” Erica K., Carbondale CO

“I can’t tell you how many times I leave my wForum meeting thinking, This is the first few hours I’ve had in weeks that my thoughts weren’t about work or the kids.” Elizabeth M., Seattle


Adelaide Waters

Adelaide WatersI joined a women’s group at the age of 35 not knowing what to expect and thinking it would be temporary. 15 years later, seeing each other through career setbacks, business start-ups, health crises, parenting challenges, divorce and remarriage, my life was forever changed.

No one mentioned that growing up is a life-long process - and maybe that’s a good thing. I thought I had it all figured out by 30 and then little by little, my life unraveled. The parts of me that pretended and defended, the ways I coped, and the carefully crafted image I upheld suddenly no longer worked.

Helping me understand where my life was heading and who I wanted to be, my women’s group profoundly influenced how I showed up as a mother, professional, wife and friend. As a group, we learned how to challenge outdated thinking and assumptions. When our lives were messy and confusing, we learned to be honest with ourselves and others. We looked for lessons and silver linings. Year by year, we became kinder, stronger and more loving.

W Forum is my desire to pay it forward and share the gifts I have been given by those who came before me. It’s a sacred platform founded upon wisdom traditions and feminine consciousness. And it’s my privilege to share it with you.

Adelaide enjoyed a 30-year career as a corporate consultant with expertise in organizational systems and people development. She worked with leaders and teams across industry sectors to develop a healthy work culture for improved engagement and performance. With her passion for community-building and peer-learning, Adelaide created Women’s Forum, a model for women’s groups that has grown from Aspen to Seattle, currently serving 18 wForum groups. In 2017, she wrote The Women’s Forum Handbook, a DIY guide on group process and guiding values for longevity and success. The Handbook includes 40+ discussion and learning guides on topics such as women’s roles, modern relationships, character and contribution, and practical and sacred matters. Adelaide lives with her husband and dog in Aspen Colorado. They enjoy outdoor adventures and visiting their adult children. She is a mentor-buddy with the Buddy Program, Pathfinders volunteer, and has served on the Board of the Forest Conservancy. She also enjoys a regular gig as a Spellbinders storyteller for middle school kids, keeping alive the ancient tradition of oral storytelling.

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