Member Dues

wForum is a membership organization with monthly dues of $15. Monthly dues help sustain and grow our organization, so the benefits you receive in your group can be brought to other women who don't yet have a wForum community. No one receives a salary; every dollar is invested in building the organization to fulfill our mission.

Your membership supports our non-profit organization in 5 important ways.

  • 32% New Groups – Organizing and guiding new wForum groups through their initial stage of development. We take great care to identify members needs and interests for a good fit among group members.
  • 23%Facilitator Training – The Facilitator Network connects facilitators from all chapters,  providing facilitation training and peer gatherings to reinforce skills in managing group development and renewal.
  • 20% Program Development – Similar to a course in Women’s Studies, we provide learning guides, workshops, and community gatherings to supplement your group experience.
  • 17% Infrastructure – Website, Newsletters, non-profit and business management.
  • 8% Scholarships – To underwrite our educational offer and ensure member access to all women.

"wForum allows women to come together in a conscious and nonjudgmental setting to connect and address what's happening individually for us. It creates a platform where we can speak freely and unapologetically about who we are and what we are experiencing without the need to fix the problem. Rather we commit to being present for ourselves and each other — and creating a space that truly enhances our individual growth. In turn, we can apply our insights and lessons learned in our other close relationships, at home, with friends and colleagues, and the communities where we live."   K. Dziedzic, Aspen member 

We believe every woman deserves access to a women's group at least once in her life.

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