As women we’re built to connect – it’s the way we learn, it’s the way we grow.

When women come together in a wForum community, we hold a sacred space to listen and talk. We get to know each other, not on a surface level but where the real you lives. We gather to reflect, recharge and renew. Together, we create an environment of warmth and trust and build a relationship that changes and evolves as we grow. As our lives transition over time, we bear witness to the unfolding stories of you and me and us.  

Yet today, many of us move so fast that we neglect our need for genuine connection and intimate conversation. It’s okay to need things from each other, like comfort and encouragement. It’s important to know you are not alone. It’s safe to turn to other women. Face to face and heart to heart, you remember who you are at the seat of your soul.  

Hopefully you have dear, life-long friends to whom you turn for the joys of friendship. But when you need a neutral sounding board for perspective and wisdom, you want a women’s forum. You want a circle of women who care about you, believe in you, and feed your soul. 

Today more than ever, women need community.

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